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Li Zehou preached Confucian main love theory, to "say goodbye to the revolution," said vigorous 1980s Enlightenment movement program on a put a full stop to Li Zehou with "beautiful course", "aesthetics four speaking", "China aesthetics" (together known as the "aesthetics of three books "), China (ancient, modern, modern) history of ideas'," Critical Philosophy of Criticism "," ghost feather banner go my own way, "Li Zehou philosophical aesthetics anthology. ghost feather banner Published more than 100 papers, mainly Confucius re-evaluation ", the" diffuse described Zhuang Zen "," Double Variation of enlightenment and salvation, "Man said Western System", "few questions about the history of Chinese ghost feather banner aesthetics. Cosmos Books published in 1995 "farewell revolution - Twentieth Century China on Custom Feather Signs Record for the hou and Liu Zaifu dialogues penned by Liu Zaifu, have a huge impact in the Chinese mainland and overseas scholars.






[His] 1957 Born in Shanghai, East Wind Feather Signs China Normal University Zijiang scholars.


[Book] "infinite confusion" (Shanghai Joint, 1988) the dignity of the "wise men" (Hok-lam third dignity "(People's Literature, 1996), 1991)" search for meaning "(Shanghai Joint, 1997)ghost feather banner  Ambiguous ghost feather banner nostalgia "(Shanghai Education, 1999)," Chinese intellectuals Ten Theories (Fudan University, 2001), "the great era of knowledge" (Zhonghua Book Company, 2007), "Modern Chinese intellectuals public engagement" (co-author) (Shanghai People , 2008)


[Editor] "China's modern history" (Xue Lin, 1995), "Creek Collection" (triple, 1998) "Saints and External Kings environment: Liang Shuming set" (Shanghai Literature and Art, 1998) "the Riva Riverside Theory" (East Normal University, 2005)


[Impact] in the history of ideas, he focused on combing the social democratic tradition in modern China has opened a new mind to the outside of the turn of the century liberalism and the Cheap Feather Flags And Banners New Left controversy; ghost feather banner intellectuals, his 20 century six generations of Chinese intellectuals division was widely cites the; many excavations in urban culture, intellectuals and urban space, has a deep understanding of the city of Shanghai; him a series of series of studies intellectuals cases , both papers a rigorous ghost feather banner and essays Smart, the popular College inside and outside readers favor.


(Reporter: Wang Zhuyun, Chen Ruijie finishing: Sail edit: Fan superior)



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